What commenced as a one building school with 25 students on January 26th, 1916, has grown over the past 100 years and now boasts beautiful grounds and amenities as well as a Twenty-First Century Learning Centre with 10 classrooms and learning spaces to meet the educational needs of students in today’s world.

The official opening took place at 2pm on 31st March, 1916 and was attended by the students, parents and local dignities, including the local land sale agents, who were selling rural farming acreages. On January 26th 1916, twenty- five students, 23 on transfer from other schools, plus 2 new first year students, and their newly appointed Head Mistress, the elderly Miss Harriet Bury, entered Devon Meadows Primary School as the first of many to pass through its doors.

Sport has always been held in high regard at Devon Meadows Primary School. The proceeds of an adults’ picnic had helped purchase the first cricketing equipment in 1929. According to school records the first football was purchased in 1930 and the first basketball in 1931. Basketball was introduced to Country Schools in 1932. 

It was the good fortune of the school that in the 1940’s a local resident would volunteer his talents as a music teacher. Mr Hosking, who lived opposite the Mechanics Institution Hall, was a fine musician with many award as a Cornet player and for the bands he trained.

In 1957 a much awaited extension was made to the existing school building, which added an additional classroom, staff room, corridor, and store room. The school community thought that the connection of electricity was an exciting event, and then in 1968 they were elated when the State Rivers water supply meant the end of years of tank repairs, cleaning and cartage of water. December 1970 saw the construction of the school cricket pitch which was poured at the size of 18 yards and in July 1971 a start was made on the basketball court.

Over the last 100 years, DMPS has developed an engaging and vibrant community with modern facilities and classrooms.