School Council

The school council is the legally formed body given powers to set the key directions of the school within centrally provided guidelines. All government schools in Victoria have a school council made up of both parent and staff members. School council terms are for 2 years, with approximately half of the school council positions being open for re-nomination each year. Voting occurs for positions when more candidates are nominated than positions made vacant.

School councillors meet 8 times a year (Wednesday nights) and are a member of a sub-committee that meets at least once a term (usually before or after school). The only skills required are a keen interest in the development of our school and the desire to work in partnership with others to help shape our school’s future.

The Devon Meadows School Council has traditionally had 4 sub-committees – Management, Finance, Environment and Policy. The purposes of the sub-committees are listed below.



The Management sub-committee is responsible for reporting the key issues and events of the school – involving strategic planning and annual implementation plans, relevant data, community relations and development and other planning issues. The ‘principal report to school council’ outlines the issues discussed in further detail at the sub-committee level.



The Finance sub-committee oversees the budget development and financial accountability of the school. Monthly financial reports are reviewed, major spending programs are planned (ensuring budget support is available) and major fundraising activities are undertaken/supported/approved. The school assets are also managed through the finance sub-committee.



The Environment sub-committee oversees the buildings and grounds works in the school. This includes maintenance, garden development, playground development and major classroom works. At least 2 working bees are organised each year. A master plan for the development of the school grounds has been produced and the sub-committee works towards achieving the goals. Targeting works with grants and funds are recommendations from this sub-committee.



The Policy sub-committee oversees the development and review of the school policies. School policies are reviewed on either a 1 or 2 year cycle and cover many aspects of the running of the school. Policies are reviewed by relevant members of staff, reviewed by the sub-committee and the presented for approval at school council.


The current school council members are:

Laine Kelsall (President)
Amber Hills
Laura Coomber
Kit Callander
Belinda Bird
Mick Floyd
Kylie Hameeteman
Sallie Linder


Brendan McDonough
Paul McCarrick
Teag Pohlner
Narelle Sibly

Maddy Roberts


Strategic Documents:
Strategic Plan 2020-2023
Standing Orders