Devon Meadows Primary School works at providing a guaranteed and viable Maths curriculum that offers all students the opportunity to succeed; our Numeracy Program reflects this belief.

At Devon Meadows Primary we have a strong focus on teaching students at their personal level of ability. We want to inspire and challenge our students as best as we possible can. Through assessment, small focus group instruction and creative lesson planning, we aim to teach students to their individual learning ability to support, challenge, extend and motivate all students. Activities are planned to provide students with the necessary skills and strategies to deal with numeracy situations in everyday life.

All classroom programs and assessments are in line with the Victorian Curriculum. 


The areas include:

  • Number & Algebra

  • Measurement & Geometry

  • Statistics & Probability

Devon Meadows Primary School ensures that all students have equal access to the appropriate resources, concrete materials and technology needed for them to develop the necessary skills to achieve Numeracy learning outcomes. 

Here is two videos of  our Grade 6 students talking through their understanding of Math concepts recently taught. 

In these videos our students are completing their 'Learning Goals' activity. They are giving us an example of something they has learnt in a given week and talking through their understanding of the concept. We want students to create and interact with the curriculum, in this way they are solidifying their knowledge and are able to build upon it for the next lesson.

It is also just one example of how an iPad can be used in a very simple manner to support student learning. Our students now have this video saved on their iPad for future reference at any stage, and is able to show classmates to share their knowledge with others.

Order of Operations 



Simplifying Algebraic Expressions