Performing Arts


Devon Meadows Primary School has become known within the region as a school, which strongly promotes Performing Arts. A tour of our Performing Arts room reveals a large collection of electric guitars, drums, electric keyboards and amplifiers! The school has a wide variety of tuned and untuned percussion instruments, a class set of ukuleles and a class set of acoustic guitars.


Classroom Lessons in Performing Arts

Involve lots of fun & hands-on activities

All classes Yrs. P - 6 have a 1 hour lesson each week.


The senior school students have also used iPads to record their project work. Working in groups they chose from a list of project choices. The students use what we call our “Prac/Jam” books, in which we have a collection of songs which we sing at the microphones and play instruments. Our jamming is a lot of fun!


Major Performances Throughout The Year


This is competition between many schools in the state. Each school has 7 minutes to present a story with dancing and acting. No dialogue is allowed!!

This performance is open for students in Yrs 3 to 6.



This is a happy family occasion celebrated every second year, when students perform Christmas carols and songs on the oval. We usually combine this event with a sausage sizzle and is a great way to celebrate the end of another busy year at Devon Meadows.


Elective Guitar Program

  • Any student in grades 1 to 6 may choose to take part in the “Elective Guitar Program”.
  • Lessons are at a small cost of $10 per term to the student. This minimal fee helps to maintain guitars with strings, picks, etc..
  • Two groups are conducted, a beginner group on Wednesday lunchtimes and an advanced group on Monday lunchtime (1.30 – 2.15 pm).


To start, students will need;

  • A nylon string or “classical” guitar (¾ size for children up to grade 3 or full size for grade 4 children upwards)
  • A display book for song sheets
  • A pick (and maybe a few spares)
  • A desire to practise regularly at home
  • A willingness to attend all sessions
  • Parents, who are prepared to remind students to practise (because after all,… children at primary school age will forget, and/or will need to be coaxed and reminded to practise)