Performing Arts


Devon Meadows Primary School has become known within the region as a school, which strongly promotes Performing Arts. A tour of our Performing Arts room reveals a large collection of electric guitars, drums, electric keyboards and amplifiers! The school has a wide variety of tuned and untuned percussion instruments, a class set of ukuleles and a class set of acoustic guitars.


Classroom Lessons in Performing Arts

Involve lots of fun & hands-on activities

All classes Yrs. P - 6 have a 1 hour lesson each week.


This year the children in the middle school have been creating and exploring the “Art of Puppetry”. Using their iPads, the children record their puppet performances. Performing Arts classes can involve singing, playing instruments, acting and/or dancing.


The senior school students have also used iPads to record their project work. Working in groups they chose from a list of project choices. The students use what we call our “Prac/Jam” books, in which we have a collection of songs which we sing at the microphones and play instruments. Our jamming is a lot of fun!


Major Performances Throughout The Year


This is competition between many schools in the state. Each school has 7 minutes to present a story with dancing and acting. No dialogue is allowed!!

This performance is open for students in Yrs 3 to 6.



This is a happy family occasion when students perform Christmas carols and songs on the oval. We usually combine this event with a sausage sizzle and is a great way to celebrate the end of another busy year at Devon Meadows.


Elective Guitar Program

  • Any student in grades 1 to 6 may choose to take part in the “Elective Guitar Program”.
  • Lessons are at a small cost of $8 per term to the student. This minimal fee helps to maintain guitars with strings, picks, etc..
  • Two groups are conducted, a beginner group on Wednesday lunchtimes and an advanced group on Tuesday lunchtime (1.30 – 2.30 pm).


To start, students will need;

  • A nylon string or “classical” guitar (¾ size for children up to grade 3 or full size for grade 4 children upwards)
  • A display book for song sheets
  • A pick (and maybe a few spares)
  • A desire to practise regularly at home
  • A willingness to attend all sessions
  • Parents, who are prepared to remind students to practise (because after all,… children at primary school age will forget, and/or will need to be coaxed and reminded to practise)