At Devon Meadows Primary School we are in our second year of our partnership with Compass School Manager.

Compass School Manger Compass School Manager is a whole school administration package. It is used by the School to streamline many school operations, from attendance, communication, event management and reporting.

Many of the Secondary Schools our students transition to are also using Compass. It is our aim as a primary school to keep up with technological tools and advancements to hopefully give our students and parents a head start in this area.


As a Parent you have access to...

As a valued Parent of at least one student at Devon Meadows Primary School Compass is increasingly becoming a central portal for communication between the school and yourself. Currently, the following features of Compass are available to parents.


My News: 

This will display attendance alerts consisting of not present or late without approval for your student. This newsfeed module will let you view Newsletters & eCommunications and any other information published by the College.


Student Profile:

Attendance - This module lets you review your student’s attendance at your own convenience. You are also able to provide parent approval for absences. Communication - email your student’s teachers.


Learning Tasks:

This allows you to view your student’s learnings tasks: due date; description; attachments; grade, teacher comments and status. At Devon Meadows Primary School this is our chosen and preferred format for reporting. It allows us to given timely and relevant assessment feedback.


To learn more about Compass School Manager click here or the banner above


or to login to your Compass account click the following link: Compass login link