Term 2 in Foundation



This term the Foundation students will continue to use the PLD program to learn sounds and expand their knowledge of how we can build words using different sounds together. We will learn how to create vowel-consonant (VC) words, consonant-vowel-consonant (CVC) words, for example cat, mop, and tip. Students will learn to identify the beginning and ending sound as well as the vowel sound in each word. We will build our segmenting skills, breaking words up by their sounds, to further develop our reading ability and work on reading with some fluency. Students will continue to be exposed to a variety of texts where we will explore different comprehension skills such as, retelling the story in their own words, identifying a problem and solution, predicting what may happen next and making inferences about aspects of a story. In writing, we will focus on our blending skills, joining sounds together to create words. We will start by using CVC words to label pictures, complete simple sentences by adding CVC words and work towards writing our own simple sentences. Our Oral Language topic this term is Event Based News. Students will share information based on events that happened the day before. These events will include weekends, PE, AUSLAN and Art lessons, after school activities or a favourite part of the day.



In Mathematics this term, Foundation students will be using a variety of different open ended activities that will help them to work both at their own levels and extend themselves, while also sharing their knowledge with their peers through reflections. Students will be focusing on addition and subtraction, starting with numbers to ten and building to 20 and will explore aspects of measurement by determining the length and weight of objects, using formal and informal units of measurement. Days of the week will also continue to be a focus of our morning routine. Students will expand their knowledge of place value by recognising, sorting, and ordering numbers to 20 and beyond.



Foundation students will partake in an Inquiry unit called ‘Move It!’ Students will explore how people and toys like to move it, move it. They will participate in activities that look at how things move? Which forces make objects move? Students will explore factors, including size and shape and how they affect how an object moves, and look closely at how far objects can roll depending on their shape. Students will participate in a second Inquiry topic, ‘The Farm,’ where they will explore the habitat, diet and special features of various farm animals.


Micah Webb, Alex Chambers & Teag Pohlner