Term 3 in Foundation



This term the Foundation students will continue to immerse themselves in the PLD program. They will expand their knowledge of how to build words using different sounds together. They will continue to work on their blending and segmenting skills, to develop their encoding skills when writing unknown words. Digraphs such as ‘sh’ and ‘ch’ will be explicitly taught.

This term students will begin to focus on spelling words and participate in a variety of games and hands on activities to visually represent their words. Dictation will continue to be a weekly activity, where students will be exposed to the same decodable passage each day to build their reading fluency. They will then have an opportunity to write some of their passage through structured dictation sessions.

Students will continue to be exposed to a number of texts where they will explore a variety of new vocabulary words and how we can use these in our reading, writing and speaking.

In Writing, students will continue to focus on their encoding skills by joining sounds together to create words. They will further develop their sentence writing skills by focussing on using a capital letter at the start of a sentence and a full stop at the end. Students will expand their understanding of how to write a correct sentence by looking at including a ‘when’ , along with who, what and were. They will also be exploring different types of punctuation.

The Oral Language topic this term is Retells. Students will retell information based on events that happened the day before. They will add detail to their retell by including when it happened and explaining what they did 1st, 2nd and last.



In Mathematics this term, Foundation students will develop their knowledge of subtraction and sharing, working with numbers to 20 and beyond. They will explore aspects of measurement by timing how long different activities take, ordering the days of the week and exploring o’clock on both digital and analogue clocks. Students will revise 2D shapes and explore 3D shapes in our environment. Through play, students will continue to discover real life examples involving money in everyday situations, such as a cafe, shop or canteen. Students will learn mathematical concepts using concrete materials, games hands on activities and open ended tasks.



Foundation students will partake in an Inquiry unit called ‘My Country: Bunurong.’ They will discover how Indigenous Australians continue to use the land in our local community in traditional ways. They will explore bush tucker, indigenous art and symbols, dreamtime stories and the history of our local area.



This term Foundation students will participate in a variety of ‘Play is the Way’ games. This is a  social and emotional program that uses interactive games and activities that empower students to use self reflective language. Each fortnight students will focus on one of the 5 main concepts and participate in games and activities to reflect this.

Foundation students will also participate in mindfulness activities such as cosmic yoga and colouring.





                                                                                Term 3 Highlights                                                          

The Foundation students had a fabulous start to their school journey. Some of the highlights of term one include:


                                                                                Mothers Day Challenge

                                                                                    Buddy activities

                                                                               Scienceworks excursion

                                                                      Responsible Ownership of Pets incursion

                                                                                       Pizza Day

Micah Webb & Ashleigh O'Brien