This term the foundation students will focus on one letter of the alphabet each day by exploring the upper case and lower case formation, the sound it makes and any words that begin with that sound. Each Friday we then revise the letters from the week and create some fun crafts to represent each letter. The foundation students have commenced using their take home readers. When reading books the students are using the picture clues with the repetitive text to build their confidence reading emergent readers. Each student has also begun to learn their STAR words and are practising their letter identification of upper case lower case letters.


Each week the foundation students focus on a nursery rhyme. Using this nursery rhyme they explore the difference between letters, words and sentences, work on sequencing the text using pictures and practise tracing and copying simple sentences. The students thoroughly enjoy participating in acting these nursery rhymes out with their fellow peers. The nursery rhymes assist students to develop their knowledge of words that rhyme and also with the ability to identify the initial and last sound in small words.



This term the foundation students will begin their numeracy experience by exploring number. They will be completing a number of games and hands on activities exploring counting forwards and backwards, recognising numbers, writing numbers and being able to recall numbers before and after certain numbers. This all helps to develop a strong sense of number. Some of our students are working on these areas with numbers up to 10, while others are working on numbers to 20 and beyond.



This term the foundation students have been exploring ‘Healthy Living’ as part of their Integrated subject. The students will be making numerous crafts and learning interesting facts about how we can stay healthy. We explore staying active, eating healthy, been able to identify healthy and unhealthy food, staying hydrated and keeping our minds healthy through mindfulness.


Jess Mclean, Micah Webb & Kate O'Beirne