Term 3 in Foundation

The Foundation students have settled into Term 3 with enthusiasm and excitement. We are looking forward to the extra events happening this term, including celebrating 100 Days of Prep, a science incursion, Book Week, Father’s Day breakfast, footy day and swimming.



In Reading this term, students are learning and practising CAFÉ reading strategies, including; ‘Puppy Pointer Finger’ (using their finger to track their reading), ‘Stretchy the Snake’(stretch the sounds and then put them together), ‘Lionel the Lion’ (look for the main idea) and ‘Jack the Giraffe’ (make a prediction about what will come next)


This term, for Writing, students are learning to use the correct structure to write a Recount, Information Report and Procedure. Students will continue to focus on the importance of using capital letters, full stops and finger spacing within their writing and will begin to explore the use of verbs and adjectives to add more detail.



In Maths this term, students are learning to tell time on an analogue and digital clock and working on the duration of activities and events. Students will explore capacity, length and mass of a variety of items. Foundation students will begin to explore the concept of Division through sharing items into equal groups.



Throughout term 3, students in Foundation are learning about their community through looking at the original owners of the land, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people. We will look at how our local area has evolved over time and explore various Dreamtime stories.



Students in Foundation enjoy their ‘mindfulness’ time after lunch each day. During our Respectful Relationships lessons, students will participate in role-plays and small group activities based around friendship and problem solving in social settings.


Micah Webb, Kate O'Beirne & Renee Allen