This term the preps are continuing to learn the first 100 common sight words using Oxford Words. This is helping to improve their fluency when reading. The prep students are also exploring how to use their sound knowledge to segment and blend three sounds to make a word.



This term the prep students continue to complete their weekly weekend writing, and they’re now writing this with more independence by writing the sounds they hear in each word. We have also being exploring narratives. They began by drawing pictures for the beginning, middle and end. Some of the students then attempted to write a short sentence for each illustration. Later in the term, we will be writing short reports on farm animals.



This term the preps are continuing to develop a strong understanding for number. Each day we practise counting forward and backwards, as well as recognising different digits. This term we are also exploring addition, subtraction, Australian coins, 2D shapes and 3D shapes.



This term we are exploring different farms. This includes flower farms, vegetable farms, dairy farms, poultry farms and sheep farms. During this unit we briefly explore how different products get from the paddock to our tables along with the different roles that each farmer has on the different farms. As part of this unit we also go on an excursion to Myuna Farm. During this excursion the students have the opportunity to participate in some milking, visit the animal nursery and feed some common farm animals.

Jess Mclean & Maddy Roberts
Jess  Maddy Roberts