Term 1 in Foundation



This term Foundation students will be immersed in PLD, a phonics based program that allows them to learn the most common sound for each letter and how to form our mouth correctly when saying them. Students will learn actions to accompany each sound. Our daily English block will run for two hours and consist of regular short, sharp phonic sessions, reading, oral language and writing activities. This term students will explore how to retell a story in their own words, make personal connections between a book and themselves and extend their knowledge of a variety of stories and their features. Our oral language focus this term is based on Australian animals and different forms of transport. Students will follow a set structure, allowing them to present their thoughts and ideas to the class. Throughout writing Foundation students will focus on letter formation. Students will explore correct pencil grip using a variety of writing instruments and learn where to place their hands and feet throughout writing activities.



In mathematics this term, Foundation students will be focusing on numbers 0-10 through the use of concrete materials, written work, games and group work. Students will learn how to order numbers, recognise and write numbers correctly as well as matching quantities, subitising and determining numbers before and after. Students will be working on the days of the week, using the appropriate vocabulary today, tomorrow and yesterday. We will also look at patterns and algebra and 2D shapes.

Foundation students will enjoy numerous hands on activities to develop and grow their number concepts.



This term Foundation students will partake in an Inquiry unit called ‘Amazing Me!’ They will share information about themselves, such as what makes them unique, what family celebrations they have and traditions that are significant to them. Through sharing their thoughts and ideas with one another, students will be able to distinguish similarities and differences between themselves and their classmates. Students will explore how they have grown and changed from when they were born to now and create family trees consisting of who lives with them.



This term Foundation students will participate in a variety of ‘Play is the Way’ games. This is a  social and emotional program that uses interactive games and activities that empower students to use self reflective language. Each fortnight students will focus on one of the 5 main concepts and participate in games and activities to reflect this.

Foundation students will also participate in mindfulness activities such as cosmic yoga and colouring.


Micah Webb & Ashleigh O'Brien