Term 4 in Foundation

We have missed having our foundation students in the classroom during Term 3. We are looking forward to welcoming them back to school in Term 4. We look forward to hopefully celebrating our postponed 100 Day’s of Prep celebration and enjoying lots of Christmas activities towards the end of the year.



In Reading this term, students are learning and practising CAFÉ reading strategies, including; ‘Puppy Pointer Finger’ (using their finger to track their reading), ‘Stretchy the Snake’(stretch the sounds and then put them together), ‘Spinner the Spider’ (using our schema to make a web of connections) and ‘Questioning Koala (asking questions before, during and after reading).


This term, for Writing, students are learning to use the correct structure to write a Recount and Narrative. Students will continue to focus on the importance of using capital letters, full stops and finger spacing within their writing and will explore the use of verbs and adjectives to add more detail. Students will also learn the difference between a noun and a proper noun and explore the use of question marks when asking a question.



In Numeracy this term, students will consolidate their knowledge on a range of topics. In Number and Algebra, we will revise Place Value, Addition, Subtraction and Division. We will also cover Shape, Time and Statistics and Probability.

Students will participate in a variety of hands on learning tasks to further develop their understanding of each topic and continue to work on their personal learning goals for each unit.



Throughout term 4, students in Foundation are learning about Space. We will learn what an astronaut is and why they are important, look at some of the planets and create spaceships. We also look forward to participating in Christmas activities and crafts at the end of the term.



Students in Foundation enjoy their ‘mindfulness’ time after lunch each day. This term we will focus on building students’ social skills and reintegrating them back into the classroom. Students will participate in Developmental Play sessions, circle time, and learn what their own personal strengths are by creating a personal strength tree.


Micah Webb, Kate O'Beirne & Renee Allen