1/2 Area

Term 1 in 1/2



The 1 / 2 teachers are very excited to be continuing the PLD approach to teaching Literacy this Term. PLD is a phonics based program that allows us to learn the most common sound for each letter and how to form our mouth correctly when saying them. Students will be recapping the actions and sounds for each letter of the alphabet. Each day, our 2 hour Literacy block will include Phonics (developing the skills to write and hear sounds, including digraphs and trigraphs, such as; ‘th’, ‘sh’ and ‘ar’.), Reading, structured Speaking & Listening practise and Writing. Working on high frequency will also be a focus this term.


Within Reading, we will be looking at different mentor texts. During this time different vocabulary words will be discussed and students will be able to use learnt reading strategies such as predicting, retelling the story, one to one matching, blending and segmenting to help them become confident readers.


In Writing, students will learn to write recounts. We will continue to focus on letter formation, sentence structure as well as grammatical concepts.



This Term in Mathematics, our students will be building upon their skills and understanding across a range of different maths concepts. We will utilise our online PAT Assessment Pre-test data as well as informal formative assessments to ensure we are planning differentiated lessons according to our students' mathematical needs. Student learning will be continually monitored in the form of exit tickets to ensure they are progressing. We will focus on students' understanding of Place Value and Number. Students will explore strategies to solve addition and subtraction problems and apply these skills to problem solving. There will be a focus on skip counting and creating number patterns using addition and subtraction skills. Other maths concepts we will cover during the Term include Months and Seasons, Days of the Week, Two Dimensional Shapes, Measurement, Chance and Data.



In Term 1, our Inquiry topic is Health, with a focus on having a healthy mind and healthy body. Students will explore how strengths and achievements contribute to identities and they will engage in activities that will support them in understanding how emotional responses impact on others’ feelings. They will examine messages related to health decisions and describe how to help keep themselves and others healthy, safe and physically active.



In Term 1, Grade ½ children will explore our school wellbeing program- Play Is The Way. Our main focus will be the Orange Poster: ‘Treat others as you would like them to treat you’ and the Green Poster: ‘Be Brave, Participate to Progress’, through play and a variety of games.




Alongside this, we will unpack our D.M.P.S school values: Respect, Friendship, Teamwork and Commitment to Learning. ‘Seasons For Growth’ is a program offered at our school, to support children who have experienced grief, loss or change. If you think this is something that may benefit your child, please contact Nicole Lockhart on 03 5998 2304 or nicole.lockhart@education.vic.gov.au for more information.



 Kate O'Beirne, Narelle Sibly, Ellen Cake & Elsa Roberts