1/2 Area


This term we have been focusing on learning how to summarise different texts we have read, finding facts and details within texts and using information in the text to explain how we know this, predicting what could happen in a text by looking at the front cover, blurb and reading a small section. We will finish the term by looking at inferencing when answering questions.



Each Monday we use our amazing weekend activities and write our journals. We have also been focusing on dissecting what makes a great narrative and the key components that makes all narratives exciting- including amazing openers. We are going to be finishing the year looking at information reports and their structure.



We have been focusing on a number of different topics in numeracy. We have explored how to multiply single and double digit numbers, practiced our skip counting and worked on becoming fluent in our 2, 5 and 10 times tables when focusing on Multiplication. When looking at Division, we focused on sharing equally and dividing single digit numbers into 3 digit numbers, along with a lot of problem solving. We will be looking at the different 2D & 3D shapes and sorting and counting money over the rest of the year.



We have really enjoyed learning about the different types of farms. We made carrots when looking at vegetable farms, fruit puppets when looking at fruit farms and made milkshakes and cows when looking at dairy farms. We still have a lot of different farms to cover during the rest of the term!

Miss O'Brien, Mrs Mayne & Miss Dodds
Ash O'Brien    Kelly Mayne