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Term 2 in grade 1/2

The grade 1/2 students have settled in nicely into term 2. Students have enjoyed a lot of extra special events happening this term, including our school Mother’s Day Challenge, Cross Country and the Big Goose excursion.



In Reading this term, students are learning and practising CAFÉ reading strategies, including; ‘Ella Elephant’ (finding information about the characters, setting, problem and resolution), using Chunky Monkey (‘chunking’ sounds to decode unfamiliar words), Mindy Mouse (creating a mental image of what we read), Flippy the Dolphin (to flip the vowel sounds until we hear a word that makes sense) and The See Horse (to look at the beginning and ending sounds when decoding our words when reading. 


This term, for Writing, students are learning to use the correct structure to write a Recount, Narrative and Information Report. Students are learning to create characters, setting, a problem and a resolution in their narrative writing. Students will use learnt information to create an information report.



In Maths this term, students are learning to tell time on an analogue and digital clock and working on the duration of activities and events. Students are learning how to create an array, groups of and use repeated addition for multiplication problems. Grade 1/2s are working towards understanding Division and its relationship to Multiplication.



Throughout term 2, students in grade 1/2 are learning more about the farming community, including the different types of farms and why we need them. The students are going on an excursion to the Big Goose to learn more about farming, farm animals and associated activities. We are also very fortunate to be able to have a visit from Henny Penny! This will involve chicks and fertile eggs to observe the process of chicks hatching from the eggs.  



Students in grade 1/2 are enjoying ‘mindfulness’ time after lunch each day in their classes. In each class, we are learning more about the Zones of Regulation, which helps us to regulate our emotions and name the emotions we are feeling. We are using a colour system to associate with our emotions, such as feeling tired or sad is in the Blue Zone and we may need to get up and move to get back into the Green Zone. The Green Zone is the optimal zone to be in, where we are ready to learn and feeling content.  

Mrs Mayne, Miss Meyer, Miss Malberg, Miss Roberts & Miss Cake
    Kelly Mayne