1/2 Area

Throughout term 4 this year, students in grade 1/2 will be dedicated to improving their Literacy and Numeracy skills but also be involved in plenty of student wellbeing activities.


In Literacy this term, students will review learnt CAFÉ strategies to assist their reading knowledge and skills; these strategies include: Mindy the Mouse (visualising the text), Cross the Crab (cross checking), Spinner the Spider (making a web of connections) and Resourceful Owl (using resources to find meaning). Students will learn to read and write words with various sound diagraphs or trigraphs, such as; ‘ear’, ‘ure’, ‘ow’ and suffixes. In Writing, students learn about response and review, poetry, information reports and explanation reports. We will continue to focus on our handwriting skills and using correct punctuation throughout our written pieces.



In Numeracy this term, students will learn about the place value of numbers and ordering numbers. Students will learn and revise strategies to solve addition and subtraction problems and apply these skills to problem solving. We will also learn about fractions, patterns, shapes, chance and data.



In term 4, we focus our integrated topics on our community and who or what is available in our community. This is great to develop student’s awareness and appreciation for who and what they have available to them. We hope to have some visitors to our school to talk about their occupation however this will be dependent upon restrictions.


Zones of Regulations

During term 4 will be fortunate enough to have the CASEA team working with grade 1/2 students on a Tuesday to teach the staff and students about the Zones of Regulation. This is an emotion awareness program that not only helps students understand their emotions but also how to help them manage their emotions. We are all looking forward to this.


In early November we are planning to have our ‘Grade Two Sleepover’ on Friday 5th November, 2021. This is great experience for grade 2 students. It is precursor to attending camp in grades 3-6, to assist them with staying away from home for a night. It is held at the school, in the BER building with grade 1/2 teachers and grade 2 students. It is always a lot of fun but not much sleep happens at a sleepover! This, however, will be totally dependent on the current restrictions being lifted and the new restrictions imposed at that time. Last year it did not go ahead, but this year we hope that it will.


Mrs Mayne, Miss Meyer, Miss Malberg, Miss Roberts & Miss Cake