3/4 Area

Term 1 in 3/4 



Students will be developing their phonic knowledge in the morning literacy block through a variety of spelling activities. Students will practise key spelling patterns and sounds when revising their targeted word lists; and their progress will be assessed through weekly dictations. In reading, students will be exposed to a variety of text types (fiction, non-fiction, digital resources etc.) in order to develop their reading fluency. The texts will be linked to our first unit of inquiry, being safe in the community. We will be focusing on different comprehension strategies like main idea, compare and contrast, making connections and identifying questions. In writing, students will begin the year by learning about sentences and fragments, the 4 different sentence types, expanding sentences, upgrading verbs and apostrophes. Students will also investigate text structure, vocabulary and punctuation.



This Term in Mathematics, students will cover a variety of key skills and concepts. Firstly, our students will participate in a range of engaging activities that will develop their place value understanding. Concrete materials such as MAB blocks, 100s charts and place value charts will be used to facilitate this learning. Throughout the Term we will also investigate; addition and subtraction, time, location and patterns. Students will complete a variety of open-ended and problem solving tasks and will be continually assessed on these topics in order to cater to all learning needs.



This term students will be focusing on being safe within the community. Our students will engage in a variety of engaging activities that develop their ability to manage physical, social and emotional change. Students will also describe and apply strategies that can be used in situations that make them feel uncomfortable or unsafe. Students will also identify and practise strategies that promote general health, safety and wellbeing. Students will also participate in a free incursion ran by RACV that teaches students about road safety.



In Term 1 Students are being reintroduced to their new classrooms and creating classroom standards with their new teacher. We look at what a happy and productive classroom looks and feels like as well as discussing our school values: Respect, Teamwork, Friendship and Commitment to Learning. Students will be learning about different coping mechanisms through ‘Play is the Way’ activities and discussing their different emotions using the language from the ‘Zones of Regulation’ model during their wellbeing sessions.


The Grade 3/4 Teachers:
Staci Malberg, Lisa Bowden, Katie Lamaro, Meg Meyer & Will Shields