3/4 Area

Term 3 in 3/4 



This Term in Literacy the Grade 3/4 students will be continuing to develop their phonic knowledge in their morning Literacy block. Students will continue to practise words on their word lists that target specific sounds. Students will also focus on understanding how different picture angles and framing affects how the reader feels. They will also be looking at pre-fixes, suffixes and homophones to understand the meaning of unknown words. The Grade 3/4 students will be participating in reader's theatre, where, in groups, they practise a script, create props and perform in front of the class. Students will be using these skills along with extending their knowledge on action verbs, sentence structure, editing, paragraphs, contractions and conjunctions to create exciting procedures and explanations.




In Maths term, our students will be building upon their skills and understanding across a range of different maths concepts. We will continue to use Essential Assessment Pre-test data to ensure we are planning lessons according to students mathematical needs, these topics include: exploring 5 digit place value, the connection between addition and subtraction, time, data, 2D shapes and 3D objects and transformations. We are going to continue weekly Math Investigations that involve problem solving that allow students to show teachers their mathematical strategies. Teachers will then extend and enable students using prompting to allow them to deepen their understanding of the mathematical concept. 


This term's inquiry question will be ‘What is a lifecycle and how these lifecycles affect the environment.’ Throughout this term students will be using their research skills to identify and name different lifecycles and discover how this impacts the environment. They will then use this knowledge to create their own focus question on the topic and develop an oral presentation to present to the class. 


Term 2 Highlights


Some highlights of term 2 were:

Mother’s Day Challenge

Smoking Ceremony

Deadly Day

Reconciliation week


The Grade 3/4 Teachers:
Miss O'Brien, Miss Malberg & Miss Fallon