3/4 Area

The 3/4 Teachers have missed seeing the faces of our students this term and we can not wait to all be back at school learning together!



In Literacy this term, students will be focusing on a number of different reading strategies that will assist them to broaden both their reading and writing skills. Students will be identifying the difference between facts and details, making connections to another text, themselves or the world. They will also be looking at the author's purpose and the different word choices in each genre. Students will investigate puns, alliteration, rhyme, repitition, onomatopoeia, similies, personification, metaphors, idioms, rhetorical questions and hyperbole in order to not only find them in texts but also use them in their writing. They will also get the chance to expand on their public speaking through Reader's Theatre. 


In Writing this term, students will be focusing on writing a respone and expanding thier knowledge on Poetry. Throughout the term, we will be extending our knowledge on the structure of each genre, along with the different language features to include and vocabulary. Throughout these writing sessions, there will also be a focus on sentence structure, grammar, punctuation and word choice.



In Maths this term, we will be learning about a number of different mathematical topics. This includes place value, fractions, decimals, money, geometric reasoning, time, shape and intertwining the number processes. We will be investigating these topics through hands on activities and utilising students individual learning goals. Along with all of this we will be doing weekly problem solving.  



For Integrated in Term 4, the Middle School Students will be taking a deep dive into the planet Earth and looking at the elements that make up Space and Solar System. Our topic will take place weekly throughout the term and students will have an opportunity to show case their learning via a group project or a student lead exhibition.

The Grade 3/4 Teachers:
Miss O'Brien, Mrs Bird, Mrs Bowden & Mr Bressan