3/4 Area

Welcome back to Term 3. All the Grade 3/4 teachers have been excited to see all of the students return ready to learn.  



Throughout this term in Reading, students will be expanding their knowledge on a number of different accuracy and comprehension strategies to further our reading skills. Students will be learning how to skim texts to find the answer to literal and inferential questions, re-read, cross check and monitor their reading to make sure they are reading sounds fluent and makes sense. They will also be learning about summarising what they have read by retelling a text in detail, as well as asking questions about the text while reading. Students are also going to be focusing on what an inferential question is and how to use the text to answer them correctly. We will also look at comparing and contrasting different texts, characters and videos.


In Writing this term, students will be focusing on writing a procedure and an explanation. Throughout the term, we will be extending our knowledge on the structure of each genre, along with the different language features to include and vocabulary. Throughout these writing sessions, there will also be a focus on sentence structure, grammar, punctuation and word choice.



In Maths this term, we will be learning about a number of different measurement topics. This includes area, length, volume, capacity and mass. We will be investigating these topics through hands on activities and utilising different areas of the school. We will also be focusing on transformation, including flip, slide, turns and lines of symmetry. Along with all of this we will be doing weekly problem solving.  



This term in Integrated we are focusing on our First Contacts of Australia. Looking into Aboriginal history, culture and art. As well as learning about some our Australian Explores and The First Fleet. Students will have the opportunity to explore and develop a deep understanding about our history and have an opportunity to present a project at the end of the unit.

The Grade 3/4 Teachers:
Miss O'Brien, Miss Burson, Mrs Bowden & Mr Bressan