3/4 Area

Term 4 in 3/4 



This Term in Literacy the Grade 3/4 students will be continuing to develop their phonic knowledge in their morning Literacy block. Students will continue to practise words on their word lists that target specific sounds. Students will also use mentor texts to extend their vocabulary, understand different genres, their structures and the important language features. These texts will also help students expand their knowledge on strategies such as the main idea, fact and opinion, nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs and rhyming. They will then use this knowledge to enhance their writing. The Grade 3/4 students will be participating in reader's theatre where, in groups, they practise a script, create props and perform in front of the class. 



In Maths term, our students will be building upon their skills and understanding across a range of different maths concepts. We will continue to use Essential Assessment Pre-test data to ensure we are planning lessons according to students mathematical needs, these topics include: fractions, units of measurement including: length, width, area, perimeter, volume, capacity, time, multiplication, chance & probability, interpreting maps and comparing and classifying angles. 

We are going to continue weekly Math Investigations that involve problem solving that allow students to show teachers their mathematical strategies. Teachers will then extend and enable students using prompting to allow them to deepen their understanding of the mathematical concept.


This term the 3/4 students will be focusing on  parts of Indigenous History and their relationship with the land and how they used the elements to survive.. Students will be learning about aspects such as The Stolen Generation, how they used nature to help them with weapons and food, as well as dreamtime stories. 

Students will then use this knowledge to create their own focus question on the topic and develop creative projects to show their knowledge and understanding.


Term 3 Highlights


Some highlights of term 2 were:

Lego Incursion

Footy Day


Cricket Clinic

Father’s Breakfast/ Stall

Zoo visit


The Grade 3/4 Teachers:
Miss O'Brien, Miss Malberg & Miss Fallon