5/6 Area


During Term 4 the senior school students will begin working on writing poetry. We will be giving the students the choice on what type of poetry they create while exploring topics and ideas that are meaningful to them. Senior school students will also be looking at response and review writing. Grade 5 students will be working on leadership speeches and the Grade 6 students will be focusing on their Primary School Reflections.

In reading, the senior school students will be working on an author study. Each student will select a favourite author, read a minimum of 2 of their books and research, question and analyse many elements about their author and their texts. During our literacy block students will also work in small focus groups to support their learning goals.



During Term 4 in maths we are learning about geometry, chance and data. Students continue to reflect on learning by using their learning goal books and maths glossary. They are responsible for selecting their activity to support them in achieving their individual learning goals. Senior school students enjoy choosing how to learn from a range of resources their teachers have prepared. This can range from:

  • Conference group with the teacher
  • Mathletics / My Numeracy
  • Google classroom
  • Using hands on materials in the room such as MAB, cards, dice etc
  • Peer tutoring
  • Problem solving questions


In Term 4 our integrated topic is Science, with a specific focus on Earth’s place in space. Students will be engaged in hands on experiences where they will explore, investigate and hypothesise about the planets in our solar system. They will be selecting a research question and will present their findings to the class. Senior school students will also build a model of our solar system.


Mrs Sibly & Miss Pohlner