5/6 Area


At the beginning of this term, the students were developing their writing skills in persuasive writing genres. We chose a very topical stimulus; ‘The Gender Pay Gap in Sports’. We held a funeral for the expression “I strongly believe” so that the students would choose to use more exciting openers in their writing. They developed their use of persuasive techniques and the use of emotive language was evident in all of their writing pieces.


For the remainder of the term, we will be working on writing a Narrative, with a particular focus on figurative language and sentence structure. The students have attended an interactive writing stimulus at school, they were able to engage with the props and see it first-hand. We hope this sparks some creativity in the students to write a narrative with a clear orientation, complication, series of events and resolution for their Big Write.


The students have also been working on building their comprehension skills through making predictions, comparing and contrasting and finding word meaning in context. One of the fun learning activities the students have been doing is making silly sentences using synonyms. The students make a new sentence in a song using similar meaning words. For example, the song called ‘The old town road’ was changed to ‘The ancient village street’.



Students have been really focused on setting their own learning goals this term in Maths, in particular with the four operations; addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We have been using the CUBES strategy for worded problems and PEMDAS for equations with more than one operation in it.


The students choose their own learning goals from the pre test. The students then get to choose how to learn it from a range of resources their teachers have prepared that will develop that skill. This can range from:

  • Conference group with the teacher
  • Mathletics
  • Google classroom
  • Using hands on materials in the room such as MAB, cards, Dice etc
  • Peer tutoring
  • Problem solving questions



This term the Senior school has been working on multiculturalism

We have had some rich discussion behind what a culture is, the visual cultures we see such as clothing, food etc and some of the hidden cultures such as world views, respect for authority, religion etc.


The students will be partaking in a cultural expo, whereby they will choose a country of their choice and create posters, flyers, and presentations to represent the culture of their chosen country.

Parents and students are welcome to come visit this expo. Date is still to be confirmed.

Beck Burson, Mick Sweeney & Narelle Sibly

Beck Burson Mick Sweeney