5/6 Area


During Term 3 the senior school students are working on writing a procedure and explanation text. Each week students are working on their ideas and structure by completing tasks that involve exploring the features and technical vocabulary that is required. Students have thoroughly enjoyed the science / literacy morning each week, where they are involved in creating or testing an item, then reflect and write up a response to the activity.

In reading, students continue working in their book club groups. Each group has been assigned a novel and the students are practising different reading strategies when presenting to the group. Students also continue to work on their CAFE reading goals during silent reading and independent reading time.



During Term 3 in maths senior school students are learning about measurement and shape, as well as weekly problem solving tasks. Each week students complete tasks that are linked to their individual learning goals and participate in a focus group with the teacher based on their needs. During independent maths time senior school students have been selecting from a range of resources their teachers have prepared. This can range from:

  • Mathletics
  • Essential Assessment tasks
  • Problem solving questions


In Term 3 our integrated curriculum area is History, with our topic being: Colony to Nation (1800’s to 1900).  Students will be exploring the following stages:  what life was like for Indigenous Australians during pre-settlement time, the first contact and colonisation, as well as the Gold Rush and Eureka Stockade. Later in the term, students will present a portfolio of tasks including a triorama depicting the 3 stages of this time period.


Mrs Sibly & Miss Pohlner