5/6 Area

Term 1 in 5/6



In Term 1 the students will explore literature using the novel ‘Can You See Me’. They will be immersed in a variety of print and digital texts when learning reading strategies including… Finding the main idea, Summarising, Analysing Language choices and Author’s purpose. Analysis of text and in-depth discussions with peers will play a key role in helping students comprehend the story and unpack the major ideas and themes, providing opportunities to share thoughts and opinions. Students will read and write descriptive paragraphs and short stories, to gain an understanding of text structure, organisation and language features. The PLD spelling Program will be implemented in classrooms daily through the investigation of spelling strategies, word meanings and sound patterns and rules. Year 5 students will participate in NAPLAN Assessments from the 13th - 15th March.



During Term One, students will delve into various mathematical concepts encompassing Number, Measurement, and Space. Students will explore topics such as whole number and decimal place value, solving equations and problems related to addition and subtraction, and gaining a more profound understanding of fractions. Additionally, students will revisit and expand their grasp of time concepts and spatial relationships. Emphasis will be explicitly placed on fostering students' strategies and skills for solving open-ended mathematical problems and establish connections with real-world contexts to enhance their knowledge and understanding.



In Term 1, our Inquiry focus is 'Staying Happy and Healthy’. A significant emphasis will be placed on exploring and developing skills to effectively manage emotions. Students will gain insights into the physical and social changes they are experiencing, whilst also examining the changing nature of their relationships over time. The topic promotes an investigation into various aspects, including concepts related to alcohol and other drugs, food and nutrition, the health benefits of physical activity, mental health and wellbeing, relationships and sexuality, and safety. As part of their exploration, students will select a community resource and research it more comprehensively. They will document their research findings and present their insights to the class. Each student will have the opportunity to focus on a specific area of fitness, enabling them to formulate and develop an individualised training program.


Marc Bressan, Maddy Roberts & Brenton Adams