Visual Arts


This term in art the preps have with making some terrific farm creations including cow masks, horses, sheep, tractors and carrots. Check out the photos!

Grade 1/2 ‘s

The grade 1/2 ‘s have also been learning about different types of farms. The have been using crayons and watercolour to create many master pieces!

Middle School

The Middle School have been learning about Australia and we had a few back the front states but we got there in the end! We also made some fantastic emus!

Senior School

The Senior School were busy with their Mother’s Day present at the beginning of the year producing some brilliant watercolour flowers. We then had some fun with our ‘Crazy Hair’!

We are currently using macramé/wool to create another kind of feather creation which is going to make a great wall hanging!

Everyone has their work on display across the school. Please feel free to come and have a look.

Sally Weber