Resource Smart School




Devon Meadows Primary School promotes an ethos of care for the health and wellbeing of individuals, our school community and the environment. The school provides a rich and challenging curriculum that empowers each child to care for the Earth and all creation. Devon Meadows Primary School develops authentic partnerships between home, school and the wider community based on open communication and shared commitment to a sustainable future.




Below is a list of our completed and current practices improving the biodiversity, engery, waste and water use at our school:


● Vegetable Garden
● Fruit Trees
● Compost bins and worm farms
● Outside rubbish bins with lids
● Protecting Vegetable Garden with rabbit proof fence
● Control of weeds

● Natural lighting; windows, skylights
● Blinds
● Tree shade
● Double glazed windows

● Recycling Stations in each classroom sorting; paper/cardboard, compost, commingled recyclables and general waste
● Electronic newsletters, bulletins and memos
● Electronic reports and assignments
● Double-sided printing/photocopying
● Purchase of outdoor furniture made from recycled plastic
● Electronic waste recycling; toners, computers/tablets
● Obtains second hand / donated items such as computer monitors and furniture
● Collection of used materials for Art Room projects
● Supplied each student with reusable drink bottles – supported by Stockdale & Leggo Cranbourne

● Water tanks
● Timers on sprinklers
● Composting and mulching
● Local drought tolerant plants
● Encourage students to use re-usable water bottles