Term 1 in Auslan

Auslan (Australian Sign Language) as a L.O.T.E. Specialist subject was introduced at Devon Meadows Primary School in 2022. The aim of our Auslan lessons is to immerse and engage students with the language and culture of the Deaf community. Students have 1 hour lessons in their classrooms each week involving a multimedia approach to learning where they are able to develop their understanding and ideas through role play, one on one interactions and games. This year, we are expanding our Auslan knowledge with topics that connect us to our family, friends and environment. We are learning about Deaf culture and how important Auslan is in our community. During lunchtime, we have an Auslan Club for students to extend their time signing with friends, learning to interpret songs and books and have lots of fun!


                                                                   Auslan Teacher:

                                                                      Carrie Butler